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Multiple Very Bad Signs?

[Update: Sometimes folks, when they don’t like the financial results, just make them up! This is called fitting results to expectations.]

[Update: “Intel Corporation today announced preliminary fourth-quarter financial information with revenue of approximately $8.2 billion, down 20 percent sequentially and down 23 percent year over year.” Wow!]

In an artitle titled “State Unemployment Claim Systems Overwhelmed“, Richard Richtmyer writes for the AP about how “electronic unemployment filing systems have crashed in at least three states in recent days amid an unprecedented crush of thousands of newly jobless Americans seeking benefits, and other states were adjusting their systems to avoid being next.”

See also: Economix Blog – Crisis Comparisons: How Bad Might It Get?

My personal indicator of economic activity – airline seats left unfilled on flights I took in November and December – appeared to be on a steep decline.

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