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True Innovation from Apple

Some folks seemed disappointed with today’s MacWorld keynote – Steve Rubel twittered in real-time at the end of the session: “What a lame keynote. Apple is losing its mojo.”

Having just watched the full keynote, what Phil Schiller and team Apple showed was another great demonstration of true innovation from Apple – new ideas galore. Examples?

The new iPhoto ’09 features (Faces and Places) were very cool – and non-obvious innovations! iMovie ’09 brings several new innovations to dealing with video content. The enhancements to Garageband (e.g., Artist Lessons) were similarly fascinating – and a new revenue stream for both artists and Apple. And, the innovations in the new 17-inch MacBook Pro – especially the battery technology – were important.

The critics of today’s keynote (including Rubel) were firing for effect – sadly. The innovations I saw were real, important, and fascinating. Schiller clearly isn’t Steve Jobs – who is? – but he did a great job – hardly a “lame keynote” IMHO!

Frankly, I’m glad that Apple’s departing MacWorld with this year’s performance. Clearly, the timing of this event was lousy from almost any point of view. Time to move on – to doing events timed to when things are ready, when the holidays are around the corner, etc. – not in early January.

As for me, I ordered the family packs of both iLife ’09 and iWork ’09 immediately after watching the keynote!

One reply on “True Innovation from Apple”

I tend to agree with you. I didn’t see the keynote but I do see significant differences in the approach and expectations we all have: I was also impressed and excited by the innovations of iWork which is on it’s way to me – I ordered just after reading the review and seeing the demo.
Down to earth helpful applications are what we need in a world that is coming to terms with reality – and by the way I’m against cloud computing and will never give up my desktop applications – my data is important to me. I want it here on my laptop and (at least) a backup copy. Redundancy is essential all the time and everywhere. I hope Steve R.s bog is back now so I can drop a line there too !

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