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Most People Never Discover What They Truly Want to Do

Ross Mayfield linked to Matt Mahoney’s blog yesterday – and I just loved this quote in Matt’s first post about launching his company’s new career search prep course:

“Have you ever wondered why is it some people truly thrive in their work life, while others do not? … The pattern we found isn’t a lack of talent (there is tons) or opportunity (there are more types of jobs today than ever before). We found most people never discover what they truly want to do. Too many people settle. That’s a problem — not only is there great cost to the individual (”wow, my job really sucks”), but also to their companies, colleagues and the economy.”

It seems in my life that it’s been all about being open to new experiences. Work isn’t a job, it’s a journey full of natural ups and downs – but the best times are the learning times. Pay attention to them when they come along, learning as much as you can along the way – and realize that it’s time to change gears if those times are too few and infrequent.

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