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Over this year’s Thanksgiving holiday in America, we’ve been watching the very sad situation unfolding in Mumbai and wondering about the implications for the people of Mumbai, of India and the rest of us.

Following the story on Twitter last night was a new whole new experience for me – even though most of the tweets weren’t from anyone close to the scene but, mostly, from viewers watching India’s TV sources from around the world. A few partisans tried to spoil things – but mostly it was just about sharing news reports as the crisis situation evolved.

Meanwhile, the stories about both the victims and the heroes continue to stun us. We’ll soon enough come to learn the full story of the Mumbai attacks, I’m sure. Unfortunately, moving from learning to real understanding seems like it may be very hard – again.

In my life, I’ve not yet been to India. Tonight, in an especially poignant interview on CNN, one of the survivors spoke from his heart suggesting that we all should begin booking our flights to Mumbai. His point: that now, more than ever, we need to join together and take any sense of victory away from the supporters who made this attack possible – wherever they may be.

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