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Yearning for a LIfe without Windows

Oh, how I yearn for a life without Windows – XP in my particular case. I’ve wasted an hour or two tonight trying to upgrade from some old Norton/Symantec anti-virus stuff on my Windows XP image on my Mac (under Parallels). What a giant waste of time.

One of these days, my only reason for needing to bother to keep Windows around (a legacy SaaS application with serious Internet Explorer/ActiveX dependencies!) will go away and I can live happily ever after! Among other things, I’ll be able to get rid of the 10 GB of crap on my hard drive required to keep Windows around.

Life should be so good.

PS: If you’re wondering why the magical Norton Removal Tool never ends, try booting up first in Safe Mode and then running it. You’d think they’d tell you that somewhere, wouldn’t you? Guess that’s too easy!

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