Recommending Alex Berenson

I just finished two very satisfying novels by New York Times reporter Alex Berenson: The Faithful Spy and The Ghost War Both books were really great reads of the “you can’t put it down” variety!

The Faithful Spy is Berenson’s first novel – published in early 2007 and now available in paperback. It begins the story, carried on in The Ghost War, of CIA agent Jack Wells. Wells’ exploits are dramatic and exciting – and I’ll just leave it at that. Berenson’s writing keeps everything moving – but not at the expense of lots of interesting details along the way.

The Ghost War picks up Jack Wells’ adventures – this time focused on east Asia in particular. Berenson weaves a complicated plot line about China and China’s involvement in lots of attempts to gain global advantage. As in the first book, Wells brings home the goods once again but hardly in a predictable way.

These two books would make great beach reading this summer – if you can stand to wait that long! If you’re looking for an initial taste, Berenson has excerpts of both books available on his web site. Note that both books are also available in Kindle editions! Highly Recommended!

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