Island Dreams

There’s a magical place for us over on the big island of Hawaii. A special place where life slows down to a human pace, where old – and oh so delightful – memories are re-awakened. Today’s new header graphic brings home some of those memories for us.

Life plays lots of tricks on us. We get pulled along by the hustle and bustle of today, our perspective and critical judgment pushed away. We lose perspective. Way too much noise, just not enough signal.

“The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time” – James Taylor once wrote. Enjoying the passage of 2007 in our special place is a great delight. We get reacquainted with what’s important, knowing that soon enough we’ll be back in that “real world”. Maybe, with good care, we’ll sustain that special perspective? Signal, ignoring the noise.

One reply on “Island Dreams”

Dear Scott;
Somehow I happened onto your blog and fell in love with the header photo. I left Hawaii
over 10 years ago…and wish I had not.
There are some wonderful photos by Bruce Ho Photographer of the Big Island. They bring back many memories. My then husband and I visited the Big Island as often as we could get away from work on Oahu.
Your whole blog is interesting. Interesting seems so trite – but it is!
I do share some book interests and will be adding some of your selections to my long list of books to read.
The noise thing makes me think about how much we allow noise to run our life or determine what is alive.

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