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Loving Serendipity

Painter friend (and reformed payments geek) Donald Neff writes about how he achieved one of his 2007 New Year’s resolutions – having his paintings shown in two new galleries.

He was successful – signing up the Tahoe Village Art Gallery in South Lake Tahoe and the Sandy-by-the-Sea Gallery in Carmel by the Sea.

He writes: “Well, after all this, I am setting a goal of at least one more gallery for 2008. I doubt they will ‘plop in my lap’ like the last two, but you never know.”

In the small world category, it turns out that Don is friends with Ed Terpening – another Northern California “plein air” artist. I first corresponded with Ed when he was helping Wells Fargo launch their initial weblog efforts a couple of years ago.

Maybe we need to start 😉

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