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Disruptive Innovation – Christensen Style

BusinessWeek’s Jena McGregor interviews Clayton Christensen, author of The Innovator’s Dilemma and other books.

We use Christensen’s model – disrupting from below – when we talk in our Glenbrook Payments Boot Camps about PayPal’s entry into financial services.

Here’s a one sentence summary from the interview::

“The deep reading is you have to be careful which customers you listen to, and then you need to watch what they do, not listen to what they say.”

That’s tough to do inside a big company – for reasons he describes in his writings and further illuminates in this interview.

Tim O’Reilly’s theme about the future already being here, but not widely distributed echoes a similar philosophy. O’Reilly’s focus on watching what the innovators are actually doing guides his company’s efforts in publishing and conferences – thereby helping to distribute the future that’s already here.

Christensen concludes the interview with a commentary on the Apple iPhone and why, based on his theory of innovation, it’s not likely to succeed.

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