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About that Tomales Bay Launch for Hire

Today, I’ve completed a number of updates to what had become a pretty moldy oldie blog here at Sorry for the recent lack of tender care – but life’s been busy!

Part of today’s update included replacing the header graphic (of “ducks in a row” in Sharon Park in Menlo Park) with a new one from a recent photo shoot on the way to Point Reyes. Here’s the story.

As you head into Point Reyes on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard through Inverness, on the western side of Inverness you come across this vista with that lovely “Launch for Hire” pier jutting out into Tomales Bay. That’s where this new header graphic photo was taken using my trusty Canon 30D – shooting using my Tamron 17-50mm F2.8 Lens at f/9 and 29 mm.

In one of my offices, I’ve got one of Chris Honeysett‘s prints of that same building – but shot on a beautiful foggy morning from a position on the opposite side a bit northwest of the pier. Chris’ beautiful photo provided the inspiration for this alternate view.

Obviously, one of these days I will have to actually hire that launch! If you do go to Inverness or Point Reyes, be sure to stop on your way at Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes Station. Here’s a map. Earlier is better – the Creamery can get busy on a sunny afternoon!

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