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Home Energy Use

I was talking to a friend recently about the steps he’s taken to reduce the carbon output of his family. He’s very serious about it – he’s got that “challenge of our generation” kind of attitude.

It struck me this morning that one of the things the US needs is a simple, easy to use home energy monitor. For most homes, that’s probably a device that could keep you informed of your home energy use in terms of kilowatts of electricity and cubic feet of natural gas. In the northeast, a fuel oil solution would be required.

As with weight loss, the first step to progress is awareness – but if awareness is too hard, progress is slow on non-existent. Some sort of remote sensors that could be easily hooked up would be the first step. Viewing the results from the sensors (graphs, time of day usage, etc) would initially be via your home computer – with maybe the TV as a second step.

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