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Those Little Boxes of Westlake

“Little Boxes”…

Thomas Hawk writes about The Little Boxes of Westlake – aka as a portion – the “coastal portion” – of Daly City, California. Hawk says he shot Westlake for the December issue of San Francisco Magazine.

Hawk’s photos brought back some memories for me. Over the summer between my sophomore and junior year in high school, we moved from Ohio to Daly City – to Westlake.

We never did get used to the fog – and the accompanying wind. Having grown up in the Midwest, we used to look at that fog rolling in and suspect it was about to pour like a Midwestern late afternoon thunderstorm. But it’s oh so different in the fog – and the wind, in Daly City.

On those rare sunny Sundays, my folks used to joke about how they were “going to sell a lot of houses today” – Westlake in the sun really was pretty spectacular. The general problem was that the sun wasn’t around much of the time – instead the fog and wind set the tone for much of the year. The summer was the worst.

Hawk’s post brings back lots of memories for me of days gone by – in Daly City.

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