Self-Watering House Plants

Well, maybe not exactly self-watering – but continuous watering where I only have to fill up the water maybe every couple of weeks or so. What am I talking about?

I happened to notice that the plants in our office (provided by and carefully nurtured by a professional “plant lady” who makes her living doing this) were all in “special” containers. Not only were they in special containers, but they looked wonderful all the time – no yellowing of leaves, etc. And we didn’t have to do anything to take care of them – she stopped by once a week or so and checked in with them, murmured special thoughts to them, wiped the dust off their leaves, and on they went with their lives.

Turns out these special planters she uses for our plants are some San Francisco Bay Area high technology – that ensure the plant is continuously being watered even when I’m traveling to Minneapolis or Atlanta or Shanghai and I forget about them for a week or two.

I had another plant on my desk – that was gradually falling apart because I’d be away and forgot about it and then I’m sure that I overwatered it when I came back. So, I decided I had to get one of those special planters. Long story short, the planters are made by Planter Technology in Hayward, CA which only “sells to the trade.”

But, you can order the Planter Technology planters online from their sister company Natural Spring.

If you have no knack for caring for houseplants – or a schedule that makes such caring difficult, you really need get one of these planters for your plants’ sake! Here’s a cool animation from the Planter Technology site that shows how they work to water automatically.

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