Thoughts on a late October Sunday Evening

Some miscellaneous ramblings on a Sunday evening at the end of October…

Read Richard Clarke’s new book yesterday — and sold it used on in about 2 hours this afternoon! Really enjoyed reading the story — after hearing him on Terry Gross’ Fresh Air last week. Don’t want to spoil the story for you — the plot is great — but this is a first novel and Clarke’s use of dialogue could use some work.

Spent some time today with Flickr. I’d signed up early on but hadn’t uploaded any photos. Tried uploading some today — and almost immediately ran up against the 20 mb monthly limit for free Flickr accounts. When I think about Flickr, I’m reminded of what Phil Greenspun (and friends) did with But Flickr exploded in terms of community interest while just “perked” along. Why? Flickr’s ramp and “buzz” attracted Yahoo! — leading to its acquisition by Yahoo! earlier this year. Flickr became an almost perfect Web 2.0 “flip” example. Lots of food for thought here.

Unfortunately, I missed the Internet Identity Workshop last week. Was looking forward to it — but client work got in the way! One of my partners attended and she came away impressed with the Microsoft InfoCard strategy.

Daylight savings time fell back in the wee hours early this morning, and tonight feels much later than the clock says.

New header graphic posted from this morning’s walk around Sharon Park. Such a beautiful morning and the ducks were all lined up, waiting for the sun to get them moving I guess. Just felt like it was time to retire the Maui beach shot as fall starts getting serious around here.

Tomorrow’s Halloween. Put your mask on and have fun!

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Flickr has an interesting metering of usage – by bandwidth not storage. The trick to manage your limit much more efficiently is to shrink the pictures to the target size before you upload. 20MB should be good for at least 100 photos at the Flickr resolution. Failed to do that, they measure you by the raw file size on your end of the pipe.

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