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Freedom Is Not Free

Last year on this Memorial Day weekend, the National WW II Memorial was dedicated in Washington, DC.

Looking back two years to Memorial Day 2003, we read the good words of the (then) San Francisco Chronicle’s Rob Morse:

FREEDOM IS NOT FREE - Memorial Day 2003This Memorial Day, think a thought for the dead men and women who fought for your freedom to express any thought you want.

Skip the politicians’ speeches, if you will. You don’t have to make a big deal about Memorial Day. But go to the small town parades, the pancake breakfasts and the cookouts.

The dead would if they could. Most of them died too young to have families to take to parades and pancake breakfasts.

Wow. “The dead would if they could.”

After all…

The greatest achievement of the United States in its over 200 years of history is that its people have remained free.