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“Customers have a tendency to become like the kind of customers you treat them.”

So says Dave Martin in a great opinion piece about inspiring customer loyalty that’s posted on

Are your customers smart and loyal? Do you treat them that way? Hmm.

We recently had a telemarketing call from a certain unnamed monoline credit card issuer. This particular card issuer stumbled badly in the first quarter as a bunch of its customers paid down their outstanding credit card balances — probably a direct reflection of how this issuer had been treating them.

Anyway, our newfound friend the “account manager” (give me a break!) was calling to just see how we were doing, whether we might have some excess balances that we’d like to transfer to him or perhaps we’d even like to take out a mortgage on our house. We’ve cancelled our account with this issuer — a reflection of how we felt about “treatment”. Goodbye and good riddens!