Radio San Francisco/California

Tom Saunders

For me, the classic San Francisco radio voice has always been Tommy Saunders. Ben Fong-Torres reports in today’s Radio Waves column in The Pink that Tom’s is retiring and will be completing his last broadcast this afternoon on KOIT.

Saunders came to San Francisco about the same time I did — in the early 60’s — and held down the 9 PM to midnight shift on top 40’s powerhouse KYA. Those were my high school years and Saunders was there every night on the radio with his wit and classic DJ voice. Whatever it was, he’s one of those radio voices who’s been so familiar and, as a result, so “at home” ever since. He’s spent the last 24 years — a very long time in radio! — at KOIT, downshifting over the years into mostly weekend shows.

Hope he enjoys his retirement — maybe he should explore doing some podcasting with that great voice of his!