San Francisco/California

Lengthening Shadows

Fall is slowly making itself known here in northern California.

My favorite jaunt in the late afternoon is a walk or two around Sharon Park here in Menlo Park. On those lazy summer Sunday afternoons, the grassy lawns in the park are the perfect place for reading the Sunday papers – lying out in the fresh air on that blanket in our own little private space.

Over the last few weeks – with the daylight steadily diminishing and the late afternoon sun angle decreasing in lock step – there’s a whole new feel to the place. Over the last week or two, the ducks (who were gone all summer) have been day-by-day steadily increasing their presence on the pond — multiple males circling females out on the water in what looks like the circle of life playing out in realtime.

The late afternoon air has taken on a just noticeable bit of that fall crispness — although nothing like that fall shift in the air that Midwesterners know so well. None of those burning leaves here in California either, those leaves that I used to build forts in this time of year as a kid growing up in Ohio before my Dad raked them out to the curb and lit the match.

Some folks say we don’t enjoy the seasons here in California – but in Sharon Park I see the seasonal cycle play out day by day.