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Steve Coll

One of my favorite writers, Steve Coll, is stepping down as managing editor of the Washington Post so that he can – yeah! – get back to writing again! Maybe he’ll start a weblog!

“This is the work I feel like I’m supposed to be doing, what I do best, where my passion lies,” Coll said from New Orleans, where he was finishing a family trip. “In the end I felt this is who I am and who I felt I wanted to be since I was 17.”
He added: “I was not unhappy in my job,” but that “there are certain aspects of management no sane person would enjoy.”

In the mid-1980’s I first read one of Coll’s early books, Deal of the Century — all about MCI and its assault on the telecommunications industry. Fabulous work. Most recently, his Ghost Wars examined the prelude to September 11th — the book ending on September 10, 2001. A great read!