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More on Diebold

In so many ways, it seems like we’re living in a time when truth is way stranger than any fiction! Here’s today’s update on Diebold — see my previous post. They’re like the gang that can’t shoot straight.

Today’s New York Times has a story about the CEO of Diebold saying it had been a “huge mistake” for him to express support for President Bush’s re-election in a fund-raising letter. Regarding the debacle over their voting machines in California:

Reading carefully from a statement, Mr. O’Dell said, “Diebold intends to fully cooperate with the attorney general in his investigation of the secretary of state’s concerns.”

Diebold entered what was a small market for electronic voting systems in 2002, when it bought Global Election Systems of McKinney, Tex. Mr. O’Dell characterized Global as near failure, and Diebold, he said, has spent a great deal of time “bringing the company up to the right level.”

Obviously, Mr. O’Dell’s view of what the right level is is very different from that of the California Secretary of State! Tim Oren concurs!