San Francisco/California

Goodbye Ron!

[Update: 8/2/07 – Ron Lyons passed away from cancer at age 69.]

We get so used to what’s familiar in our lives. Indeed, we take the familiar for granted, don’t we?

Today, San Francisco’s KCBS traffic and weather anchor Ron Lyons retired this morning at the end of the 9 o’clock newshour.

I was in the car this morning driving from meeting to meeting as Ron introduced his last traffic report at 9:58 AM and followed by the weather. It all ended so abruptly — the pressures of radio not permitting enough time to truly say goodbye.

During an earlier break this morning, Lyons spoke of his friendship with and admiration for former KCBS anchor Al Hart — and Hart’s decision a couple of years ago to leave KCBS to care for his wife.

Lyons spent 49 years in radio — most of them in San Francisco. For the last 17 years, he was one of the best at KCBS. His special voice and unique touch during the morning hours will be missed.