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Public Payroll in California

One of the on-going insanities in California is what’s happened to salaries and benefits for public employees over the last few years. This story, published in the Los Angeles Daily News last Saturday, sums the bad news up nicely.

Curiously, the authors of the article didn’t even include the pension costs — which in most local communities are exploding in the current and future budget years, acting like a cancer that’s sucking up money otherwise destined for local programs.

The taxpayers in California have been taken to the cleaners by what’s happened. In an environment where the cost of LABOR has been declining, public employee compensation and benefits have been increasing at a ridiculous rate. It’s the cost of labor (not the cost of living) that matters.

A few months back there was a humorous story circulating on the ‘net about how the US Congress had been outsourced to India. Too bad it was only a story — the California legislature should be next on that outsourcing list.