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Marty Nemko’s Predictions for 2004

I enjoy reading Marty Nemko’s column each week on the cover of the San Francisco Chronicle’s ChronicleJobs section and listening to his Sunday morning radio show when time permits. This week he’s posting part 1 of his predictions for 2004 — each prediction is followed by his thoughts on the possible job opportunities that might flow from it.

For folks like us in the San Francisco Bay Area (Marty also lives here), his predictions aren’t very optimistic — several of them related to the high cost of doing business in California and the accelerating trend to offshoring work. The one bright spot seems to be biotech — with much of it still happening in Bay Area laboratories.

Like many of the best predictors, Marty is over the top with a couple of his predictions. Read the article and you’ll see what I mean!

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