Speaking of devices…

I’ve been running around with one of those 256 MB USB flashtags in my pocket. Handy for quickly passing a presentation along to a client, that kind of thing. Add a secure token to the memory of the flashtag and I’ve got a remote authenticator I can use as a token with any USB-equipped PC. Toss in an RFID chip in the case and I can use it for proximity payments. On my key ring.

2 replies on “Speaking of devices…”

How about the Thumbdrive with built-in biometric authentication? ( I don’t have that version–mine is just the plain Thumbdrive.
I keep my encrypted Roboform ( database and the software itself on my Thumbdrive. My passwords are always with me and secured. And there’s enough room for the manuscripts of two books, all my PowerPoint presentations (as you suggest), and a whole lot more.

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