Changing Online Film Distribution…

Brian Fleming, an independent film maker, yesterday launched an online version of his latest film “Nothing So Strange”.

The NOTHING SO STRANGE e-premiere can be viewed on virtually any Windows or Macintosh computer using the free, cross-platform Apple QuickTime Player 6. The movie is available as a small progressive download for US$3 (130 MB, about 20 minutes from a broadband connection) or a large progressive download for US$5 (466 MB, about one hour from a broadband connection). The file is not crippled by any “digital rights management” technology. Once the user downloads the movie, he or she owns it and can watch it an unlimited number of times, and the file will never expire.

There’s an interesting underlying story about how this was enabled by the intersection of two technologies.

These two solutions came together at just the right time, and rather than announce early and risk someone else beating them to the punch, the makers of “Nothing So Strange” decided to stage the first-ever worldwide feature-film debut right away.

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