Review of Network Economics

The June 2003 issue of the Review of Network Economics was dedicated to the economics of payments and card network schemes.

The Review is “an electronic-based refereed journal that publishes papers on the economics of network industries that have the primary purpose of reviewing, surveying, or providing a fresh perspective on the existing literature.”

Articles included:

  • Theory of Credit Card Networks: A Survey of the Literature, by Sujit Chakravorti
  • An Economic Analysis of the Determination of Interchange Fees in Payment Card Systems, by Jean-Charles Rochet and Jean Tirole
  • An Introduction to the Economics of Payment Card Networks, by Robert M. Hunt
  • The Theory of Interchange Fees: A Synthesis of Recent Contributions, by Jean-Charles Rochet
  • Approaches to Regulating Interchange Fees in Payment Systems, by Joshua S. Gans and Stephen P. King
  • Automated Teller Machine Network Pricing – A Review of the Literature, by James J. McAndrews
  • What does it Cost to Make a Payment?, by David Humphrey, Magnus Willesson, Ted Lindblomand, and Goran Bergendahl
  • Technology Adoption and Consumer Payments: Evidence from Survey Data, by Fumiko Hayashi and Elizabeth Klee

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