Greenspun – Java is the SUV of programming tools

Phil Greenspun shares some data based upon the experiences of student’s in MIT’s 6.171, Software Engineering for Internet Applications.

A project done in Java will cost 5 times as much, take twice as long, and be harder to maintain than a project done in a scripting language such as PHP or Perl.

This dovetailed with another article titled “Where are the Components?” that I was reading this morning in the latest issues of the Java Developer’s Journal (which seems to have a number of Java laments in this issue!).

At some point we have to stop falling in love with Java and start doing something with it. The capability is there. We just have to decide to imbue it with power. It’s time we started writing reusable components and distributing them. Otherwise, we as a community of developers end up squandering the power of the tools we have. Let’s get to it.

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