Productivity tools?

Whenever I have to end up playing system administrator on one of our personal computers or other electronic gizmos and wasting the best part of a perfectly good day, I’m always reminded that they’re called “productivity tools”.

So, when I read Morgan Stanley economist Stephen Roach’s latest economic commentary this morning, I had to chuckle. Roach, like many of us, had just wasted part of his day cleaning our his email and resetting his voice mail password when the government’s latest productivity numbers arrived on his desktop trumpeting a 6.8% increase in non-farm productivity.

The irony of it all: Here I am bemoaning the trials and tribulations of the Information Age and the latest report coming out of the government suggests that the white-collar services sector ˜ my sector ˜ is leading the charge in America‚s productivity-led recovery.

He goes on to describe how the costs of IT have turned services businesses which were predominantly variable cost producers into increasingly fixed cost producers. Just remember, that laptop of yours is a productivity tool — keep believing it, it’s important to your mental health!

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