What’s wrong with California’s Workers’ Compensation Program

If you live in California and care about your job, you may want to read this report by the California State Auditor on the sorry state of our workers’ compensation program. It’s hard to read this report without getting angry at how vested interests coupled with state bureaucrats have turned this program into such a major issue with employers. In particular, after reading the State Auditor’s summary, one has to question the effort (or lack thereof) that Richard P. Gannon, a Gov. Gray Davis appointee who serves as Administrative Director of the Division of Workers’ Compensation of the state’s Department of Industrial Relations, has put into administering his responsibilities under the program.

Dan Walters writes about current efforts to reform the program in today’s Sacramento Bee.

One reply on “What’s wrong with California’s Workers’ Compensation Program”

I have adjusted Ca W.C. clms for 15 years. There is no “crisis” in my caseload and costs are about half of the costs of the other adjusters I work with. This is due to a new adjusting method I developed that demands the injured make 100% effort at self-help to attain 100% recovery! A simple yet powerful enough idea that if used in the industry will solve the W.C. crisis where “reform” will not. New method example: The doctor asks for massage therapy for the low back. I approve it on the condition that it should be followed by a gym exercise program (membership) at a physical therapy facility where attendece and compliance can be monitored. If the injured is motivated, he/she will participate and do better, reducing med costs. If the inj is not motivated then he/she will refuse and that refusal then provides a legal basis to terminate all treatment and the file can be closed at reasonable costs. This is so simple yet everyone is overlooking this in discussing reform of W.C.! o

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