MasterCard’s plan for growth

Eileen Alt Powell of the Associated Press interviews Ruth Ann Marshall, president of MasterCard International’s North American division.

Q. MasterCard is No. 1 in credit cards, but still No. 2 in overall transactions to Visa. What are you doing to increase market share?

A. Our share is growing overall at the expense of all the competitors in this space. Our goal is to become the global payments leader. I look at it like the three legs of a stool: First, working with the banks, we want to be — and I believe we are today — the best business partner, the most flexible business partner that thinks in terms of solutions to enhance the profitability of that bank. Second, we work with key merchants in key categories to put together preference campaigns, where they will pull or prompt from MasterCard over other forms of payments. … The third leg of the stool is the consumers, and that’s the `priceless’ part.

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