NACHA to test model for universal electronic bill distribution

NACHA announced this morning that it will conduct a pilot of the Electronic Billing Information Delivery Service (EBIDS).

Under the EBIDS model, a billing company would originate a zero-dollar ACH
transaction that contains a summary of a consumer’s billing information in an
attached addenda record, and enter the transaction into the ACH Network
through its corporate bank.

The consumer’s financial institution would
receive the transaction via the ACH Network, and present the billing
information at its Internet banking web site. The consumer would enter the
Internet banking web site, using the financial institution’s existing logon
procedure, and view the bill and authorize payment. The consumer’s financial
institution would then send an ACH credit back to the biller’s bank, along
with remittance information.

The Western Payments Alliance is hosting a teleseminar on EBIDS on September 4th.

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