Doc reacts

Doc Searls reacts to Sunday’s New York Times story about addiction to the lure of data. As I recall the article, it’s mostly about devices feeding our addiction — but his reaction is still very appropriate.

The Web is ours, not theirs. Here on the Net, we get to inform ourselves, and each other. No, not all information is here. Is it a perfect system? Far from it. But it’s a human one. And human beings are learning creatures, after all, even if they do like to watch television.

Doc’s so right about the mediocre choices that other media present us. Lots of folks have commented to me over the years about my weblog. They often ask how I have time to do this. My standard answer: Otherwise, I’d just be watching TV! The web is alive — and we’re just now getting the early tools to better inform us about that life on the web!

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