BitPass launches new online content and services payments solution

BitPass, a content and services payments company we’ve been helping, soft launched their new service last night.

From the BitPass history file:

BitPass, Inc., was founded in 2002 by Kurt Huang and Gyuchang Jun while they were supposed to be working on their PhD dissertations at Stanford University.

After the Internet bubble burst in 2000, they noticed that more and more of their favorite sites were shutting down or becoming walled-off behind overpriced subscriptions. With advertising dollars becoming increasingly scarce in the post-bubble environment, they concluded that this painful trend would only worsen unless content creators and service providers had a viable alternative to revenues derived from advertising and low-conversion-rate subscriptions.

Hoping to help turn the tide against an increasingly inaccessible digital commons, they decided to build a system that would make it easy and profitable for providers to accept, yet easy and safe for surfers to pay, small amounts for access to premium online content and services.

First up, Scott McCloud and the Right Number (25 cents, thank you!). Dare I say micropayments?!

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