Clear2Pay announces financing

Brussels-based Clear2Pay has announced it has closed a new round of equity financing.

“The successful implementation of the Visa Direct environment in London, is proof that we are indeed able to implement the Clear2Pay vision in existing and complex environments. Financial service providers can literally make quite some money by improving efficiency in their payment systems and integration with their customers. This is an area where we at this very time, when inter-bank fees are under heavy scrutiny, need to focus on. The bilateral payment systems we know today automate existing processes and cannot deliver that promise. I strongly believe in what I call ‘the New Wave’: internet based payment systems which handle transactions at a multi-lateral level. The bank retains and strengthens its role as the primary payments processor and customer relationship owner, whilst at the same time enhancing efficiency, improving ease of use and cutting costs.” said Michel Akkermans, CEO and Chairman of Board of Directors of Clear2Pay.

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