Wells Fargo tops Gomez survey

Chris Musto from Gomez reports on Wells Fargo topping its most recent survey of online banks.

Always high ranked since the Scorecard’s 1998 debut, Wells Fargo takes the top spot during a review period in which it launched an online deposit statement archive and more extensive bill presentment services, among other enhancements.

On the surface, the pioneering Web bank appears to have left elements of its eight-year-old online offering untouched. But in actuality, the breadth of products supported with education, applications, account look-up and money movement is industry-leading. Meanwhile, additional attention is paid to how customers use the offering; the bank exquisitely pre-fills applications and delivers extensive help, online banking demos and reliability guarantees.

Wells Fargo, moreover, has jumped to the front car of the online document delivery bandwagon, joining other large retail banks — Bank of America, Wachovia, Wells Fargo and Bank One — which all offer either online check images or online statement copies to most retail deposit customers. Wells Fargo’s offering, however, goes one step further: it makes available seven years worth of online statements.

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