I’m very glad that we have Apple around

Sometimes, it’s amazing how the world works. How it comes down to just a few people getting things organized to accomplish wonderful things. That’s the beauty of entrepreneurship, of course, and a big factor in what makes America such a great place to be.

Andrew Anker commented on his new 30-gig iPod earlier today. Very cool device. He began, though, to question the business model Steve Jobs is pursuing at Apple. Read his piece, it’s good.

On the other hand, yesterday we figured out here how the iTunes Music Store might add $500 MM to Apple’s revenues within 12-18 months (depending upon the timing of Windows support) — not counting any iPod-related revenue. Not a bad business model!

Of course, there’s a very nice bit of razor/razor-blade here too — they two products feed each other nicely in terms of positive feedback.

But back to my original thought — so often it comes down to a few people who dedicate themselves to building great things. I’m very proud that we have Apple right here in Silicon Valley doing products like the iPod, Mac OS X, PowerBooks, Airport Extremes, etc. that truly demonstrate excellence. Change the world kind of stuff. Very cool. And, we’re very lucky.

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