New York Times: Thomas Friedman – Fire, Ready, Aim

Tom Friedman’s column in tomorrow’s New York Times really strikes a cord with me.

If the president can’t make his war of choice the world’s war of choice right now, we need to reconsider our options and our tactics. Because if Mr. Bush acts unilaterally, I fear America will not only lose the chance of building a decent Iraq, but something more important ˜ America’s efficacy as the strategic and moral leader of the free world.

Friedman goes on to say:

But, France aside, the world is still ready to be led by an America that’s a little more humble, a little better listener and a little more ready to say to its allies: how can we work this out? How much time do we need to give you to see if inspections can work for you to endorse the use of force if they don’t?

March 17th is the deadline the US and the UK want. What date certain would the rest of the UN Security Council support? We don’t seem to know. The French don’t know (or want to admit) either — for their own special reasons.

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