Los Angeles Times: Silicon Valley

Tomorrow’s Los Angeles Times’ Sunday Magazine features a number of articles on Silicon Valley.

Today, three years after the fall, there are glimmers of hope in Silicon Valley. Not only has the place proved its resilience time and time again, but it also is still home to many true believers. In this special issue, we touch on new technologies that could turn things around and focus on the people in whose hands the future rests˜the innovators and entrepreneurs who give birth to ideas, the funding “angels” who provide the seed money, and the venture capitalists who provide the truly huge bucks.

We start off, however, with a look at the place itself, the shrunken Silicon Valley, and the survivors struggling through the toughest stretch in tech industry history. For the most part, we found them dusting themselves off and ready to dance once more, waiting only for the music to start again.

Hey, LA, we’re just trying to have fun!

Seriously, the Valley remains a uniquely capable place — for a whole host of reasons. A lot of us have lost a lot of our confidence and even more of our swagger — appropriately so.

But it would be a huge mistake to think we’ve abandoned our roots.

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