CNN: Cashless society gets mixed reviews

CNN carries an AP wire story about Moneo, the new French electronic purse chip cards. A friend, just back from Paris, notes that many Parisians don’t like all of the change introduced by the conversion to the Euro. It’s some of those subtle consumer convenience advantages that may just result in success. But some don’t agree:

“We all know that the future of money is completely virtual,” said Torris, the Forrester analyst. “Moneo is a first step toward that.”

Try telling that to Christine Berube.

She is refusing to offer the service at her tobacco counter in a dimly lit bar that serves up endless glasses of cheap table wine and cups of coffee to mostly elderly regulars.

“I think it’s useless,” the 46-year-old tobacconist said to nods of agreements from clients who draw heavily on their cigarettes. “I know how to count change quickly and don’t want to enrich the banks.”

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