Sunday Morning Coffee Notes

In the lead story in its business section this Sunday, the Boston Globe reports on the “economy in limbo.”

The economy “is right at the edge. We’re right at the stall speed,” says Nicholas Perna, an economic consultant in Ridgefield, Conn. “You put everything on hold,” he says, and “it’s unsustainable.” That may be because the waiting itself is the problem. While it makes sense for any individual or business to pull in their horns when economic uncertainty arrives, this collective inaction only feeds on itself.

Looking for a cheaper version of a vacation in Paris? Try Oaxaca, Mexico instead.

Turns out that Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day of the year for pizza parlors! Chips, dips, and wings too! Some call Super Bowl Sunday the end of the feast season.

Stanford’s baseball season opens at home this afternoon at 1 PM.

Want to live a long life? Here’s some real advice from Buffalo. Bet they don’t sit around this afternoon watching the Super Bowl and eating pizza!

Michael Martinez writes in this morning’s San Jose Mercury News about Safari West, a wonderful place to visit near Santa Rosa.

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