Cisco sues Huawei Technologies

Cisco Systems announced this morning that it has filed a lawsuit against Huawei Technologies alleging “that Huawei unlawfully copied and misappropriated Cisco’s IOS. software, including source code, copied Cisco documentation and other copyrighted materials, and infringed numerous Cisco patents.”

“Cisco’s technological leadership is the result of significant investment in research and development, and it is Cisco’s responsibility to protect its intellectual property,” said Mark Chandler, Vice President and General Counsel, Cisco Systems, Inc. “Cisco does not take any legal action lightly. However, Huawei has unlawfully copied Cisco’s intellectual property and refused Cisco’s numerous attempts to resolve these issues. As a result, Cisco has no choice but to protect its technology and the interests of its shareholders through legal action.”

An article in Electronic News last August described Cisco as being “under assault” by Huawei.

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