California Dreamin’

San Francisco-January 11, 2003.jpgOn a number of fronts, it’s tough to be positive about living in California these days. The governor tries to lay out a plan to deal with California’s huge financial crisis. More nuisance taxes (hope you’re not a smoker in California!), higher income taxes, raising the sales tax by 12.5% coupled with dramatic spending cuts.

“We still have not addressed the fundamental structural problems with the way we fund government in California,” said San Mateo County Supervisor Rich Gordon. “We’ve become so reliant on income tax revenues and high-income taxpayers that when income goes down and stock dividends drop, we get in serious trouble.”

Too bad Oregon is in similar shape financially. Public schools in Oregon have been cut to the shortest school year in the country. Oregon hasn’t had the will to impose a sales tax. It’s strange to go shopping in Oregon — and pay exactly what the price tag says!

Folks who live in Vancouver, Washington (across the river from Portland) seem to have it made. They pay no income tax in Washington and can take a 5 minute drive to shop where they pay no sales tax.

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