Goodbye 2002 – Sun’s Out!

Sun's Out - San Francisco - December 31, 2002We’ve finally got a break from the Seattle rains here in the San Francisco area for a day or two — clouds breaking up, sunshine streaming through.

Time for a song! Or, a hike. Or both!

[Later] It was delightful up in the preserve this afternoon — a perfect afternoon for a walk to the lake. Lots of great clouds in the sky as things cleared.

Stopped by Cook’s Seafood in Menlo Park afterwards for some fish and chips — theirs are just the best. Their seafood market was going full blast — lots of folks picking up cracked crab ($5.95/lb) for dinner on New Year’s Eve. Yum!

As for us, it’s cheese fondue tonight. How’s that for being retro — as we say good riddens to 2002! Have a ball, y’all!

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