Inktomi: Creators of the paid inclusion model

Further to this morning’s announcement of the acquisition of Inktomi by Yahoo, in a press release last week Inktomi described its unique value:

Inktomi provides robust, highly scalable Internet search capabilities to portals and destination sites such as MSN, HotBot and Overture. Inktomi offers powerful OEM Web search technology that can be customized to create a unique search experience, helping its portal partners drive and retain traffic on their sites.

Inktomi founded the paid inclusion model, and its Index Connect˙ and Search Submit˙ programs allow Web sites to ensure their content is best represented to a portal audience, while including the freshest, most accurate deep Web content in the Inktomi index. Inktomi paid inclusion customers include, eBay and

It looks like the search engine world is consolidating into two camps: engines which refuse to accept any paid placement influencing results (Google) and those that do (everybody else). Googles AdWords hybrid seems to make the most sense to me — showing me both the most authoritative search results along with sponsored ads from those who want to pay for my eyeballs.

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