Milwaukee Business Journal: Fiserv beefs up

An interesting article about Fiserv’s just closed acquisition of EDS’ Consumer Network Services (ATM) business.

The company already provided electronic back-shop and data management support for 13,000 financial institutions and related clients in 60 countries. Prior to the purchase, Fiserv technology drove 5,000 ATMs. With EDS, Fiserv picked up service obligations for another 13,170 machines. Add to that Fiserv’s existing point-of-sale and Internet transaction capabilities, and officials expect the company to process some 4 billion transactions annually through 18,170 ATMs and its other technology channels.

“That puts us knocking on eFunds’ door,” said Fiserv spokesman Chuck Doherty. Based in Scottsdale, Ariz., eFunds is the country’s second-largest ATM service provider, driving 21,000 machines. The largest service provider, Concord EFS Inc., Memphis, provides service to 56,000 ATMs.

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