US SBA: – Strategies for Small Business Success

The Small Business Administration has published a study by Joanne Pratt describing how small businesses can make effective use of the Internet. The study is based on data from two surveys sponsored by the National
Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and by the Center for Women‚s Business
Research (CWBR). Boston Globe writer D.C. Denison reported on the study in this morning’s edition.

But savvy small businesses can skim the cream off Internet technology and make it work for them, according to the SBA report. Take marketing: The study points out that tiny companies with niche products are now routinely discovered by customers using Internet search engines like Google.

If you sell booties for dogs, to use a real-world example the study cites, it’s likely that pet owners looking for canine footwear will quickly find your Web site by searching for ”dogs” AND ”booties” on the Internet. (I just tried it on Google, and it brought back dozens of small firms that sell ”paw protection.”) That kind of market reach for small firms was impossible just a few years ago.

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