Remembering Roone Arledge

Just watched the NewsHour’s coverage of the funeral today of ABC’s Roone Arledge. Leadership comes in many forms — Roone’s was among them.

Arledge “made life and work so exciting,” Jennings said. “He made everything seem so possible. … He never did anything halfway.”

I particularly enjoyed the commentary on his leadership in his New York Times obituary.

“He was always seeing just beyond the horizon,” Ms. Sawyer said. “You always felt if you could just follow his gaze, you could stay ahead of everyone.”

Every great leader I’ve ever worked with in my life has left me feeling exactly the same way — they could see over the horizon with a vision the rest of us could only marvel about. To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, they’re also the most unreasonable of men — and almost all real progress is due to them.

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