New York Times: The Rural Life

Rob Nixon reviews “The Rural Life” by Verlyn Klinkenborg, New York Times editorial page writer.

As a compromise, let me offer something more measured than a sentence or two, a sample of Klinkenborg’s ability to watch the world he’s in and then subtly turn that watching outward. The month in question is November:

“This time of year the light is always coming and going. Dawn swells until noon, and then, after a brief hesitation, twilight takes over. The sun edges around the day like a fox making homeward tracks along the margin of a snow-covered field. Summer, in memory, seems almost like a plain of sunshine, without undulation. There’s an astronomical explanation for it all — the sun cuts a much lower angle across the sky in late autumn and sets farther south. But it’s simpler to say that at this time of year, in the country at least, emotion and light are one and the same.”

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