First Data launches new e-Business authentication solution

First Data Corp. has announced the formation of First aSuretee LLC.

First aSuretee was formed to provide the industry’s first, simple, secure and scaleable method for authentication that taps the power of digital signatures without the complexities, cost or limitations associated with other security solutions. aSuretee(SM) technologies enable companies to implement an Account-Based Digital Signature (ABDS(SM)) Solution, a breakthrough authentication system that provides a cost-effective replacement for the handwritten signature in the digital world.

To help evangelize its solutions and bring developers on-board, First aSuretee has opened the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) Interface Project on SourceForge. A Q&A is also available.

Speaking of First Data Corp., the company’s latest 10-Q filing is now available on the SEC’s EDGAR service.

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