Dan Bricklin: Tablet PC – First Impressions

Dan Bricklin writes up his first impressions of a Toshiba 3505 Tablet PC.

So, one day in, my verdict: I can’t see ever buying a portable laptop that isn’t a convertible — the benefits are too great for me. It’s a Tablet PC, not a Pen PC, and not a Clamshell PC, and that’s a win. While these are clearly still basically a version 1 or 2, they are still very useful. If you read a lot on a PC, and move your laptop around a lot, and have benefited from 802.11, and don’t mind using early software that works but is basic (like the original VisiCalc was), and are in the market for a new laptop, take the next step and move up to a tablet.

Dan’s analysis is a great read. Something to remember is that it’s human nature for each of us to justify to others the wisdom of our buying decisions. I’ve done it and I’m sure you’ve done it too. Nobody wants to say they just spent a couple of grand on a turkey product!

Actually, I’ll take that back and go on the record myself: my Sony Vaio SuperSlim notebook is truly a turkey because of one extremely irritating thing: the fan. I’d never buy one again and you shouldn’t either. This kind of poor engineering should never be tolerated.

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